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Logan Brothers

Logan Brothers

Formed 1976
Ground Logan Brothers
Address Civic Park Wembley Road WOODRIDGE QLD 4114
Ground Info Civic Park Wembley Road WOODRIDGE QLD 4114
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In 1976 Brothers decided that a club was required in the Southern suburbs, so they approached sister Francis (sister Kath Carroll) of St Pauls Catholic School, Woodridge. Sister Francis, being a devoted Rugby League fan, thought it an excellent idea. The inaugural meeting of Brothers’ St Pauls Junior Rugby League Football Club was held at St Pauls Convent, Woodridge on Sunday December 12, 1976. A committee was formed and plans were put into motion. At this meeting it was moved and passed that ‘all persons who wished to play for St Pauls Junior R.L.F.C. be accepted. That there be no restriction placed on players.‘ The colours of green and gold were decided on by Sister Francis and Fr. Tom Hamell as depicting the fighting Irish. The leprechaun was to be the logo, as we were a Brothers club.

The council was approached for a field and by the persistent hounding of Mr Fred Huntress, the club was allocated the lease of land on Wembley Road behind the public swimming pool and council building. It was then known as Bilger Park and has since been changed to Civic Park.

Games commenced on our own field in 1979. Only minors could use the field for fixtures as there were no dressing sheds for junior teams. These teams continued to use outside clubs and the Woodridge High School for home games.

The dressing sheds and canteen were built with a government grant in 1981, so all home games were then able to be conducted at Bilger Park. The first canteen was a tent with trestles for counters. It was used at both the high school and home ground until 1980.

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